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Aloha Divers Okinawa
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Aloha Divers Okinawa - Okinawa Dive Center 

Have you ever imagined being able to see an entirely different world from the surface? By snorkeling, you can explore the coral formations, colorful reef fish, and geography of the crystal clear waters of Okinawa! To do this activity, you only need a mask, snorkel, life jacket, booties, and fins. Even if you are not a confident swimmer, a PADI instructor will be by your side at all times so there is no need to worry. This is also a great opportunity for a parent-child activity!

You can decide if you’d like to spend the day on the boat for this activity or, if you’re short on time, snorkel from the beach. Either way, you’re sure to have a great time!

*Check out our Dives Sites page for prices and locations.

Snorkeling - Aloha Divers Okinawa

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