PADI Dive shop in Okinawa.

Instructor:   Pedro Yan & Andréa Ramos

Contact:       (81) 080 9168 0902

Whatsapp:   (81) 080 9168 0902

Facebook:    Aloha Divers Okinawa

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Aloha Divers Okinawa - Diving Okinawa


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to know how to swim to dive?

- In order to become a certified diver you would need basic swimming skills, but we offer other activities that don’t require you to know how to swim. In Snorkeling and Discover Scuba Diver, a PADI instructor stays with you the entire time to ensure your safety and fun.

2. I have a child- can he/she dive?

- For children 8 and 9 years old, we offer the Bubblemaker activity, where your child will be able to dive down to a maximum depth of 2 meters and see lots of corals and marine life. However, to ensure the maximum safety of your child, this experience will depend on sea conditions being as calm as in a swimming pool, and rest assured a PADI instructor will stay with your child at all times.
For children younger than 8 years old, we recommend snorkeling.

3. Where is your dive shop and can I go there?

 - Aloha Divers Okinawa work directly with the boats and dive spots, that is why we offer pick up in the morning, so we meet direct at the boat or dive site because this way it is easier for the customers to enjoy their time and day better in Okinawa.

4. Do you offer pickup?

 - We offer free pickup and dropoff from and to your hotel if you are staying in the Yomitan, Kadena or Chatan areas. For those not staying in the Kadena and Chatan region, we offer a pickup service in the morning with tax, at the end of the day, we can drop you off at a bus or taxi stop, depending on where you are staying.

5. What is your cancellation policy?

 - There is no cancellation fee up until 1 week (7 days) prior to the activity. Until 5 days prior: 25% of the price of the activity will be charged as a cancellation fee. Until 3 days prior: 50% 2 days or less: 100%.

6. Can I pay by credit card?.

 - Here at Aloha Divers Okinawa, it is possible to pay by cash (Japanese yen or US dollars) or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express). Please note that for credit card payments, there is a 4% surcharge.

7. In case of rain, will the activity be canceled?

 - Unless there is a thunderstorm, rain does not interfere with our diving activities. In general, activities are only canceled in case of poor sea conditions, which we will email you about on the day before you are scheduled to dive.

8. In case I panic and can't dive, do I still have to pay for the activity?

 - If you decide to not dive once we have begun the activity, unfortunately we will not be able to offer a refund because we would still need to pay for the staff, boat, equipment, etc. that we booked for you.

9. How far in advance do I need to book?

- During high season (May to November), we have a high demand for diving activities. Here at Aloha Divers Okinawa, we try to keep groups small in order to provide the best service possible and to ensure you have a relaxing and safe day, so the sooner you book the better the chances are that we can accomodate you!

10. I have a health condition- can I still dive?

 - If you know that you have a health condition, you must consult with a doctor and receive a signed and dated written approval to dive prior to your trip. Take a look at the medical questionnaire below- if you answer YES to any of the questions, you must get medical approval before diving.

Medical Form in English


  • Facebook - círculo cinza
  • Instagram - Cinza Círculo
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