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PADI Divemaster

be a leader that motivates the others

Video PADI  divemaster

Love scuba diving? want to share it with others on a whole new level? Take the PADI Divemaster course and do what you love to do as a career. Scuba divers look up to divemasters because they are leaders who mentor and motivate others. As a divemaster, you not only get to dive a lot, but also experience the joy of seeing others have as much fun diving as you do.

The PADI Divemaster course is your first level of professional training. Working closely with a PADI Instructor, you will fine-tune your dive skills, like perfecting the effortless hover, and refine your rescue skills so you anticipate and easily solve common problems. You will gain dive knowledge, management and supervision abilities so you become model to divers everywhere.

As a PADI Divemaster, you will lead others as you supervise scuba diving activities and assist with diver training. Whether you want to work at a faraway destination or close to home at a local dive shop, the adventure of a lifetime awaits you. PADI Divemasters are respected dive professionals who are aligned with the largest and most respected dive organization in the world: PADI.


- Duration:

Minimum of 2 weeks, but it all depends on your level of experience.

- Price:

Contact us for pricing.

- Minimum of participants :         

1 person

- Requirements: 

- Minimum age: 18 years old.

- At least 40 logged dives to start the course. 

Open Water Diver (OWD) certification

Advanced Open Water Diver (AOW) certification

Rescue Diver certification

EFR within 2 years. 

- Pick up ( Transportation ):

- We offer free pickup and drop off from the Chatan, Kadena, and Yomitan areas. For other areas, please contact us.

- Cancellation Policy:

- There is no cancellation fee up until 1 week (7 days) prior to the activity. Until 5 days prior: 25% of the price of the activity will be charged as a cancellation fee. Until 3 days prior: 50% 2 days or less: 100%

- Next step:

- Finishing your PADI Divemaster, you just started your trajectory on the way to professional diving. Now you can help your PADI Instructor on the classes and general activities.

- If you want to take the next step and learn more, we recommend that you consider taking the PADI Divemaster, or any PADI Specialty courses, 

where you can learn about night diving, underwater photography, wreck diving, fish identification and other.

- If you want to do some fun dives with us, we recommend you to check out these dive sites: Sunabe, Kerama Islands, Minna & Sesoko Islands, Manza, Maeda Misaki, and the USS Emmons.

- If you’d like to venture even farther out to the westernmost part of Japan, check out our trip to Yonaguni Island.

- Recommendation

- For safety reasons, we recommend that you leave at least 18 hours between your last dive and flying.

Open water Divers finishing the course (


2 weeks ~

​Here you will learn to be a professional and aide of the Diving Instructor.


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