Wreck diving Okinawa - USS Emmons

This week we went diving the WWII wreck USS Emmons, and it is always so interesting !

The USS Emmons was an American Destroyer sunk on 7th of April 1945 after suffering five hits from Kamikaze aircraft on the afternoon of 6th of April.

Nowadays it lays in the bottom of KouriJima ( Okinawa) at 42 meters deep, still in good conditions it is possible to identify 127mm DP guns, 20 mm AA guns, 533 mm torpedo tubes, depth charge projectors and depth charge tracks.

There is not so much sea life at the wreck, but for the advanced divers lovers of history and wreck, this wreck is a chance to dive in the history of Okinawa battle, and our shop can provide the experience with English speakers guides here in Okinawa .

Diving in Okinawa is always amazing, and this dive with the right conditions can be the cherry on the cake.

Here are some pictures :

Thank you for following and hope to see you soon in Okinawa !!

Andrea and Pedro

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