Koinobori over Golden Week

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Golden Week is a national Japanese holiday consisting of four holidays within a span of one week or seven days. This year, 2019, was especially monumental because of the change to the new emperor beginning the Reiwa era. On April 30, Emperor Akihito, abdicated the throne as his son, Emperor Naruhito took over creating a new era. This year’s Golden Week consisted of a consecutive 10 day holiday, beginning on April 27 - May 6.

Children’s Day, which takes place on May 5th, marks the end of Golden Week. All throughout Japan you can find displays of the koinobori, which are carp streamer wind socks. Traditionally the black carp represents the father, red represents the mother and the other colors represent the children. The koinobori is flown to honor the children’s future in the hope that they will grow up healthy and strong!

Here in Okinawa, there are two very large and popular displays of the Koinobori; one over the Tengan River in Uruma and another over the Hija River in Yomitan. We hope you get out to see the koinobori and enjoy the celebrations this week!

Koinobori flags at the river close to Aloha Divers Okinawa

About Paige Kelly: Paige moved to Okinawa, Japan with her husband and their dog in 2017 and loves living the island life in Okinawa. Since moving to Okinawa, Paige became PADI Open Water certified in 2017 and Advanced Open Water in 2018 and has logged over 50 dives. Paige hopes to inspire others to learn to dive and help with ocean conservation. She hopes to continue diving as much as she can while living in Okinawa and has goals to become a Rescue/EFR diver and someday a Divemaster! Paige loves traveling and has been to 11 countries and since moving to Japan has gone on many trips exploring Asia. Paige has a BS in Advertising and Public Relations and is also a 200 Hour Registered Yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance.

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