Incredible visibility in Itoman!!!

We went diving in Itoman area and the visibility is incredible over there!! easily over 40 meters!!! Our guests were Jennifer and Laura from US and we did 3 dives!

On the first dive we went to the light house! The temperature of the water was 21 C and we went to 24 meters deep to explore lots of caverns!!

On the second dive we went to turtle reef and the hard corals are so health over there!!! We got to see lots of sea snakes, green turtle, a loggerhead turtle ( same size as Laura!! ), 3 giant cuttlefishes, anemone fishes and lots more!! Our maximum depth was 15 meters and we did a long drive dive!!!

In our third dive the current was quite strong but we enjoyed lots of macro life and a huge moral eel!!!

Thank you so much for diving with Aloha Divers Okinawa, see you next time for some more adventures!!!

Andrea and Pedro

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