Boats dive during winter time in Okinawa

Today we had an amazing couple from Singapore, Crystal and Ken, and David from US diving with us! The sea was a bit rough so we wen diving in Chatan and Kadena area.

The first dive was Sunabe, the temperature of the water was around 21 C but the visibility was over 25 meters!!! In Sunabe there are a mail box underwater and we could take many pictures there. We saw a big octopus hunting, Nemo and beautiful coral formations!

The second dive was in Kadena area in a mountain of soft corals!!! We could see sea snakes mating, 2 cuttlefishes, trumpet fish, anemone fishes and lots of soft corals!!!

The third dive we did in a divest called : water treatment plant and we could see this funny structure underwater called by the divers : The bird cage, also a big school of barracudas and lots of nudibranchs!!

Thank you guys for this amazing day diving here in Okinawa!! We really hope to dive with you again during summer time!!

Contact us for diving in Okinawa!!

Phone numbers: Português e Japonês :090 6676 8807 ( Pedro) Português, English e espanhol : 080 9168 0902 ( Andrea)

Video do nosso trabalho:




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